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Captain H.W. Langsdorff
In 1939, Captain Langsdorff gave the world a matchless example of personal integrity and human compassion in wartime but uninformed military criticism has overlooked his true value.

Hans Langsdorff - 1912
Midshipman Hans Langsdorff - 1912

Captain Hans Langsdorff - 1939

Langsdorff's significant role in the dramatic Saga of the Graf Spee has remained obscure. Respected historians have dismissed him as a "first class person" but an unimaginative warrior. Admiral Raeder left a black mark on the Captain's military record in his post-war writings when he blamed Langsdorff  for losing his ship by attacking three cruisers and going against general orders. This half-truth has plagued Langsdorff's career for 60 years.

Prince of Honor goes behind the scenes and reveals the real problems and decisions that confronted Captain Langsdorff. Documented evidence shows clearly that he followed his orders, faithfully fulfilled his duty and maintained his personal code of honor and decency.

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