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Epilogue by Joseph Gilbey: 20 October, 2015.

On Thursday morning December 14th 1939 I was 11-years old when the Glasgow Daily Record blazed front page news of the Battle of the River Plate. I soaked up the awesome report and sensational details. Totally captivated with the Graf Spee story, I never in my wildest dreams thought that seventy-five years later destiny would merge my life into the historic incident. Now eighty-six years old, after twenty years of knit-picking research, I have re-examined evidence now available and found a brilliant cover-up. Probably the best kept secret in all of German naval history. This year, 13th December 2015, will mark the 76th anniversary of the Battle of the River Plate. What better time to spread out the new evidence and reveal the truth? During Graf Spee's mission, Captain Langsdorff aquired top secret information that finally forced him to scuttle his ship and encouraged him to commit suicide.

In Montevideo, Uruguay 1 February 2010 Captain Langsdorff`s log book became available in a Spanish edition. El Museo de la Armada Nacional in Pocitos, Montevideo still sells limited copies of "Admiral Graf Spee Diario de Guerra". This book is a precise word by word, day by day translation of Captain Langsdorff's log book (kriegstagebuch. It carries indisputable evidence of the failure of full-time diesel propulsion to maintain speed above 20-knots in a warship displacing 12,000 tons.

Please keep posted to this site for additional information. Joseph Gilbey, Hillsburgh, Ontario. 20 October, 2015.

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